Air Conditioning & Split Systems

Enjoy heating and cooling from your split system air conditioner. There are several options available to meet your budget for air conditioning heating and cooling requirements. We provide Free Quotes on the options available to you. Both domestic and commercial installations.

We are reverse cycle split system air conditioning installation and ducted air conditioning specialists. Infinity Energy Solutions supplies and installs only the best HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) brands available on the market.


and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries manufacture products that continually provide superior performance and efficiency.


  • We can provide heating and air conditioning solutions for your home or office with a ducted or split system.
  • We can also provide a scheduled maintenance programme to keep your investment in perfect working condition. We guarantee our workmanship is second to none.

Air-conditioning heating and cooling split systems to suit you:


Infinity Energy Solutions wants everyone to come home to a lovely cool house in summer. If you are looking for more cool air circulating in your house that is unobtrusive and quiet split air conditioning is a great solution.

The unit consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. They are both place near the wall of the room you wish to cool.

Infinity Energy Solutions recommends spilt air conditioning as a cost effective means of cooling your house or your office. Plus it is easier on your wallet and better for the environment.


Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate climate control solution for your whole home. Every room is air conditioned summer and winter.

Infinity Energy Solutions will install central temperature and zone control with set and forget timers.

No hot or cold spots in your home.

With only grills mounted in ceiling or floor visible, ducted systems do not intrude into the overall look of your rooms like a wall hung unit.


Taking advantage of the basic principle that heat rises, warmth from under the floor is radiated into the room.

Underfloor heating is the clever way to take advantage of the basic principle that heat rises.

“Simply put, warmth from under the floor is radiated into the room, heating the home for your loved ones,” Michael says. “It’s particularly popular in bathrooms and living areas, with the system heating the home and removing the shock of warm toes on cold floors.”


There are three types of electric underfloor heating systems that we can install in your home.

These all involve laying heating wires under the floor, and can usually be controlled by a thermostat.

“We also recommend these heaters be connected to off peak or smart meters to take advantage of reduced electricity rates during off peak hours,” he says.

Heated floors are comforting and take away the bite of the winter chill. Imagine getting out of bed and putting your feet on a toasty warm floor first thing in the morning.

“It feels like quite a treat, it’s really comfortable to walk on, and it distributes heat evenly around the room,” Michael says. “You might not even need socks or slippers this season!”

You’ll have more room in your home because you won’t need to install a radiator.

As well as being a safe option, underfloor heating means you can also style your home architecturally without having to factor in an ugly heating system.

“The unit is hidden out of sight, installed below the floor,” Michael says. “We can install it under timber, stone, tiled or most carpeted floors.”

The Infinity team will help you find the right-sized unit for your home, which can help lower your heating bills.

“When you get the right fit of a unit versus a standard radiator, it works at a lower temperature and therefore uses less energy,” Michael explains. “It’s also a great product to boost the resale value of your home.”

You’ll be helping the environment, too.

Infinity Energy Solutions recommends these heaters be connected to off peak or smart meters to take advantage of reduced electricity rates during off peak hours.

Underfloor Heating


An Infinity Energy Solutions speciality is the Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC System which  is a relatively new technology developed by Daikin, the world's leading HVAC manufacturer. New VRV systems offer high levels of energy efficiency, as well as flexibility. They operate quietly and provide the user full control of the environmental temperatures.

The Daikin VRV system is a multi split type of air conditioner for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room or floor of a building



Like any working piece of machinery the electrical components of your air conditioning should be serviced regularly. Meter boxes, wiring and hot water systems along with air conditioners should be serviced on a regular basis.

Talk to our Infinity Energy Solutions team about setting up a maintenance schedule for your property.


When you are planning a major renovation or having preliminary discussions with an architect involve Infinity Energy Solutions. Having our specialist system design team involved will ensure you have a clear understanding of your electrical wiring and metering needs taken into consideration. This will save you time and money down the track.