Top four reasons a solar system for your home is a standout investment

1: Payback in approximately 3-5 years

2: Return on investment (ROI): 18% year 1 (savings/investment), 20% in year 3

3: ROI increases every time electricity rates increase

4: Everything after the payback period is pure profit, tax-free

Solar Systems For Home & Business

Not sure how many solar panels you need for your roof?


Here’s how to measure your solar power usage – for free.

Anyone can have a guess, but we now have a way to find out for sure. And we’re offering it to you for free.

We can fit one of our microinverters to measure how much energy your household uses across a month. This clever measuring tool will measure  your solar power usage levels back to Infinity, and we can then determine how many solar panels your home needs to produce that amount of energy.

At the end of the month, we will write up a specialised quote targeted at your needs. If you accept our quote, and our solar installation, you will pay nothing for the use of the microinverter which collected your data. If you do not accept the quote, a rental fee of $250 for the microverter applies.

At Infinity Energy Solutions, we only use premium products, and this applies to our microinverters. Our Enphase microinverters offer the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability and unmatched intelligence.

Get in touch and Michael and your local Infinity Energy Solutions Illawarra team will start planning your solar solution today.



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Households without solar energy are paying up to $200 more per month for electricity than what is reasonable, according to The ACCC.

Solar increases the value of your home.

Return on investment for Solar is an average of three to five years.

Message from our happy customers

Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding our solar system. We are very happy with it & actually making money on our electricity with bills in credit & are really impressed with how you monitor the system & pick up if any issues. Love the panels - it looks like we have a glass roof!!!

Also would like to thank Nicole for all her help over the time that we have been dealing with her. She is always an absolute pleasure to deal with - very professional, helpful & always follows up with something when she says she will do it & calls you back - great for you guys to have her in the office

Samantha & Lee